Capponi Ran Amazing Nightclubs Back Then

“I think we can revitalize this country completely and make it a place people want to visit,” he says. “It’s doable.”

Capponi, who made his name in the early 90s on SoBe with a string of nightclubs, is in his element. That’s not all. This is no hedonistic SoBe project to create a club space for a few hundred people to drink and dance all night long.

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I went to those nightclubs that Capponi owned way back when. They were a riot! If he can bring that kind of energy to Haiti, they’re in good hands! This will be a real boon for tourism over there. The guy knows how to run nightclubs. I might even consider doing my next vacation over there if things go as well as he thinks they will. Who knows, by the time I retire it might even be a good spot for spending the summer? I went to the Cayman Islands once, and I loved it. There’s just something about island cultures that’s so inviting. I can see why Michael Capponi fell in love with the place, even if it was a mess when he went there. Plus, helping people out has a real way of making you get attached to them. I hope it works out for him, it’ll be a real party if it does!

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